Monday, June 15, 2015

5 Writing Prompts Passage

A pig walked along all alone. Baking in the sun. Caught in a cactus in the desert. Drying out because it hadn't seen any water in days. Everything started to fade away in the pigs mind. For a while everything was dark. Gosh it thought. Heaven or Hell? I don't know whats hapening. Jumping jackrabbits started to swarm around the pig but it didn't notice any of them. Killing the pig the jumping jack rabbits got more excited.
"Leave me alone" the pig tried to say. "Mind your own business. Nobody likes you."
"Oh" said the jackrabbits, "be quiet."
"Please" begged the pig.
"Quiet!" yelled the jackrabbits in unison.
Right behind the cactus there was a pool. Saving himself the pig drank. The pig drained the pool.
"Utopia!" yelled the pig. "Very delicious indeed. Where have you been this whole time?"
"Xylophones" said the pool.
"You're lying" yelled the pig.
"Zebras" said the pool in response.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Picture Perfect Passage 6

As the sun started to set behind the mountains the glare was cast right into the eyes of the children playing in the sand on the shore of the lake. A woman with shoulder length, curly, strawberry blonde hair pushed the torn screen door out of her way, and stepped on to the porch, crossing her arms and smiling as she watched the children play. The aroma of burgers on the grill filled the house and surrounding area, getting the kids attention. Nothing needed to be said, as soon as the kids looked at their mother and she gave them a slight nod they knew dinner was ready. Without hesitation they dropped everything they were doing and sprinted to the house, throwing the screen door out of their way, treating it like just another obstacle in the way of them and their food. They tore through the house leaving a breeze in their wake, but leaving everything undisturbed for the moment. They slid into their chairs and immediately reached for the table where their juicy, mouthwatering burgers awaited their final destination, the children’s stomachs. As the family talked happily and ate their burgers, the sun slowly sank, and eventually was engulfed by the horizon.

Picture Perfect Passage 5

 I peered across the foggy lake, I wondered what had caught my eye. I could have sworn that I had seen something creeping on the small island. What it was, I had no idea, and I mostly likely wouldn’t because now I couldn’t even find it. As I stood there on the edge of the lake still searching for what I had originally spotted I noticed two red dots. As I tried to focus on them I realized that they were eyes, staring right back at me. I remembered what my mom used to tell me when I got scared of a bug or an animal, that they were more scared of me than I was of them. It did nothing to calm my nerves and I noticed suddenly that I was shaking; out of terror or temperature I didn’t know but I wasn’t about to stand near that lake any longer. I whipped around and darted towards my car, struggling to unlock the door in my haste. When I finally managed to pry the door open I fell into my seat and slammed the door shut, jamming the key into the…

I woke up in a cold sweat and realized everything I thought I had just experienced had been a dream. Of course there was nothing that had red eyes. But what I had failed to notice at that point was that outside my window were two red eyes staring at me, and that the body associated with those red eyes would later be the death of me.

Picture Perfect Passage 4

There was a deep shutter that was felt by every last passenger on the flight. It was nothing more than a little bit of turbulence, at least that’s what most of the passengers chose to believe. Outside the bulky metal shell of the plane the wind howled and the clouds moved with vigor. The sky above the clouds was a bright blue and the sun shown down with a passionate intensity. Back inside the plane it was mostly quiet except for an occasional sniffle and whimper from a baby. Some passengers dozed off for the three-hour flight. Others read, and some watched movies on their phone or tablet. There was another shudder, stronger this time. Now everyone was alert, aware that this wasn’t just turbulence. The pilots voice came over the speakers, calm so he wouldn’t frighten anyone. He assured everyone that everything would be okay. Just then there was a spark in the right engine, that no one could see just yet. Soon the spark turned into a flame and flame engulfed the right engine. The passengers were frantic now; there was no calming them down at this point. The mass of metal slowly started to drop and spiral down toward the ground…

Picture Perfect Passage 3

As the gust of wind was captured by the vast sail, the boat picked up speed, and flew across the white-capped water. The ocean stretched as far as the eye could see in all directions. Some of the more adventurous passengers were standing by the railing looking out into the ocean, as if they were trying to figure out the secrets of the Atlantic.
It was a cold night and every once in a while another puff of wind would come and chill them even more, eventually sending them inside to warm up. As it grew later and later more and more passengers decided to go inside. When the sun had been utterly swallowed by the horizon, the last of the passengers left the ice-cold deck for the cozy interior of the vessel.
              Slowly the crew started to trickle out and move around the deck with ease, like the water around the ships hull. They took down the sail; the boat slowing, and then starting to move forward slowly, then faster and faster as the immense motor attached to the stern, kicked in and warmed up. There was a slight hum as it started churning the water, which reverberated through the boat. As the boat coasted forward in the Atlantic it left behind its tall white wake, which in turn sank into the rest of the deep blue-black water.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Picture Perfect Passage 2 Test Grade

The cool air started to blow in, and the heat radiated to all of the warm bodies sitting in a circle around the campfire. The sounds of singing voices filled the cove on Sebago Lake, as the sun started to set over the mountains in the distance, and the fire started to burn out with it. In unison the voices became silent and the only thing that was heard was the lapping of waves against the sandy beach, and the snapping and popping of the logs in the fire. The warm glow of the fire was present on all of the faces. But as the fire started to die and only embers were left, the girls stood up and walked towards their cabins, laughing and talking. 
                When the girls were sheltered in their cabins and cozy in their beds, the sound of Taps permeated the silence of the camp grounds. The campers fell asleep one by one, their breathing becoming deep and even, dreaming of warm days, and campfires to come. Now the night creatures were waking up and coming alive with the sounds of the night. It was the shift from day to night.

The night was waking up, the moon started to rise and it reflected on the ever moving lake. The sail boats rocked on their moorings, and the soft waves lapped against their hulls. The owls came out of their slumber, their call drifting across the lake, filling the quiet of the night. As it got later and later, and eventually turned to the next day, more and more creatures woke up and shared the night with the moon and the owls. It wasn’t long though, before the moon started to sink and the sun started to rise, showing the never-ending promise of the day to come. One by one the girls came out of their slumber, their dreams of warm days starting to become a reality.