Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Plot Sickens: Free Write and Reflection

Free Write:
It was Christmas Eve. Fog stuck to the tarmac at Lindbergh field. Rebecca turned to her mom who just looked at her dissapointed and she turned away.Rebecca stared out the window and thought back to a time where she was the happiest she'd ever been...
 The breeze was light and it made the grass sway. There were no clouds in sight and Rebecca wasn't to pleased with that. She was already burnt to death because of the sun from yesterday. There was a row of targets at the end of a field and the flags that were stuck in the top of them fluttered in the breeze. The birds were chirping and it seemed like the perfect day to shoot. This tournament really mattered to Rebecca. She couldn't make the Junior Dream Team if she didn't place well, like in the top 10 well. She was quite nervous because her last big tournament hadn't gone so well. That was 2 months ago though. She had had tons more practice since then and was ready and raring to go this time. She couldn't stand not shooting any longer. With every second that ticked by she was getting more and more anxious. When finally the judges voice came through the speakers she was relieved. This meant she would finally get to shoot soon. When she got up to line and nocked her first arrow the wind immediately stopped and everything was still. It was like it was meant to be because that day Rebecca shot a personal best and placed 5th. Later that year during Junior Dream Team tryouts she was first female pick to join the team. Nothing made her happier than that.

In Fanny Howe's The Plot Sickens, she talks about how most of the creative writing that young writers are producing has an unhappy ending. I don't believe this a bad thing however. I believe it's good that young writers have the courage to break the mold and set a new trend of what they think a story should look like. Like our parents always tell us, be you and don't let anything or anyone stop you. My Free Write has the always predicted happy ending. The ending most people expect at the end of a story. But should it be expected to have a happy ending? In my opinion it shouldn't not everyone has a happy ending. And now with the economy being as it is and people being layed of and being pressed for money, having to move and change their way of life, more people have an unhappy ending. It's unfortunate but unfortunately it's just the way the world works.

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