Monday, June 15, 2015

5 Writing Prompts Passage

A pig walked along all alone. Baking in the sun. Caught in a cactus in the desert. Drying out because it hadn't seen any water in days. Everything started to fade away in the pigs mind. For a while everything was dark. Gosh it thought. Heaven or Hell? I don't know whats hapening. Jumping jackrabbits started to swarm around the pig but it didn't notice any of them. Killing the pig the jumping jack rabbits got more excited.
"Leave me alone" the pig tried to say. "Mind your own business. Nobody likes you."
"Oh" said the jackrabbits, "be quiet."
"Please" begged the pig.
"Quiet!" yelled the jackrabbits in unison.
Right behind the cactus there was a pool. Saving himself the pig drank. The pig drained the pool.
"Utopia!" yelled the pig. "Very delicious indeed. Where have you been this whole time?"
"Xylophones" said the pool.
"You're lying" yelled the pig.
"Zebras" said the pool in response.

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