Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Picture Perfect Passage 6

As the sun started to set behind the mountains the glare was cast right into the eyes of the children playing in the sand on the shore of the lake. A woman with shoulder length, curly, strawberry blonde hair pushed the torn screen door out of her way, and stepped on to the porch, crossing her arms and smiling as she watched the children play. The aroma of burgers on the grill filled the house and surrounding area, getting the kids attention. Nothing needed to be said, as soon as the kids looked at their mother and she gave them a slight nod they knew dinner was ready. Without hesitation they dropped everything they were doing and sprinted to the house, throwing the screen door out of their way, treating it like just another obstacle in the way of them and their food. They tore through the house leaving a breeze in their wake, but leaving everything undisturbed for the moment. They slid into their chairs and immediately reached for the table where their juicy, mouthwatering burgers awaited their final destination, the children’s stomachs. As the family talked happily and ate their burgers, the sun slowly sank, and eventually was engulfed by the horizon.

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