Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Picture Perfect Passage 4

There was a deep shutter that was felt by every last passenger on the flight. It was nothing more than a little bit of turbulence, at least that’s what most of the passengers chose to believe. Outside the bulky metal shell of the plane the wind howled and the clouds moved with vigor. The sky above the clouds was a bright blue and the sun shown down with a passionate intensity. Back inside the plane it was mostly quiet except for an occasional sniffle and whimper from a baby. Some passengers dozed off for the three-hour flight. Others read, and some watched movies on their phone or tablet. There was another shudder, stronger this time. Now everyone was alert, aware that this wasn’t just turbulence. The pilots voice came over the speakers, calm so he wouldn’t frighten anyone. He assured everyone that everything would be okay. Just then there was a spark in the right engine, that no one could see just yet. Soon the spark turned into a flame and flame engulfed the right engine. The passengers were frantic now; there was no calming them down at this point. The mass of metal slowly started to drop and spiral down toward the ground…

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