Monday, June 1, 2015

Picture Perfect Passage 1 Test Grade

               As the clouds rolled in the sun started to dissipate, and a chill started to creep through the field. People turned to look up at the gray sky and wondered what had caused this sudden cloud cover. It was supposed to be endlessly sunny and warm today.             
                The man seemed out of place, he sucked the energy out of the people who passed by him. He was searching though, for someone he hadn’t seen in a very long time, an old friend you could call it. As he waited and searched he remembered the letter he had written two weeks ago.
I wish I could have been there for you, to protect you from what you didn’t know was haunting you all your life. But I feared that if I had stayed then you would have been even worse off. I only contact you now to tell you to leave immediately, find somewhere safe where you can hide out. In exactly two weeks I will be waiting at the town carnival…
                Waiting for him on the other side was someone he had never met, the boy with the green eye. At first glance you would assume that Clark was any other 16 year old kid. But when you really concentrated on his eyes, you could barely make out that they weren’t both blue, one was a green color with tiny specks of blue, sprinkled throughout. It was beautiful and more mysterious than anybody would have thought.
                Just like the letter had said, at exactly 3:00, Clark moved toward the Ferris wheel, not knowing that every step he took led him closer to changing his life forever. When he was 20 steps from the Ferris wheel he immediately understood who he was supposed to be meeting. Now he was 10 steps away from the man. Clark glanced around and when he looked back to where the man had been standing seconds before, there was no one there. Panic stricken, Clark looked around frantically and spotted the man walking away from him, 15 steps away at this point.
The crowd had grown thicker considering that it was such a warm sunny day. As Clark ran toward the man he started thinking about what was happening. He thought about how he was supposed to be meeting this man for the first time, but here he was walking away from Clark.
As Clark caught up he reached his hand out and grabbed his father on the shoulder. Suddenly clouds started rolling in and the sun started to dissipate, and a chill started to creep through the field.

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